prof. Martin Rusnák, MD, PhD
Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, Trnava University in Trnava


The web site contains my presentations, readers and books, topics for doctoral and magister diploma thesis, blog and contact. It serves me and my students to support their education as well as to stimulate progress in my teaching activities. If someone was interested in any of the materials displayed let me, please, know. If it would be used for teaching or publication purposes, please make a reference and let me know. By doing so our accreditation efforts would be strengthened.

There is also second purpose. Serving as a consultant in many aspects of public health I hope that these pages provide credentials for my educational abilities as well as provide an understanding of the scope.

I develop the site by myself, using only open software. The graphic design was downloaded from authors referenced.

Thank you all for your visit and interest.