prof. MUDr. Martin Rusnák, CSc
Department of Public Health, FZaSP, Trnava University in Trnava

Topics for MA and BA studies

1.    MA diploma thesis

1.1. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the Effects of the Pilot Project on Determining the Impact of Selected Health Determinants on the Quality of Life of People Over 60 Years of Age;
1.2. Design, Implementation, and Assessment of the Effects of a Pilot Project to Determine the Level of Health Literacy for Students of the Third Age University;
1.3 Design, Implementation, and Assessment of the effects of a pilot project to promote the vaccination of children and staff in pre-school facilities;
1.4. Design, realization and evaluation of the effects of pilot intervention on air cleanliness (eg incineration of PET bottles at home) at the place of residence.

2.    BA diploma thesis

2.1. Study of the development of hepatitis A and its associated factors;
2.2 Study of the development of tick-borne encephalitis and its associated factors;
2.3 Study of the development of cardiac infarct mortality and related factors;
2.4 Study of the development of stroke mortality and related factors;
2.5. Creating a review of available scientific evidence for public health;

Note: Consult the methodology of thesis development: "Fundamentals for PhD students at the Faculty of Health Care and Social Care, Trnava University in Trnava", Authors: prof. Martin Rusnak, MD. Ph.D., Prof. Viera Rusnáková, MD. Ph.D., MBA